Aida Arisya In D' House

Aida Arisya In D' House
Pada Yang Esa kupohon... agar apa saja yang kubicara, tidak menjadi racun untuk sesiapa, tetapi penawar hati dan budi. Pada Mu Tuhanku... kupohon kekuatan agar jejariku mampu untuk menghulurkan sesuatu, yang akan menjadi halwa minda buat yang membaca bisikan hatiku. Berbicara setulus kata. Berkata dari hearty yg indah berbahasa..~ Kata-kata bukan dusta tp, patah-patah yg puitis ikhlas dari jiwa yg ada!! BlOg ini memberi peluang insan yg kerdil menuturkan bicara seketika selagi ada dayanya!!~ SEUKIR SAYANG, SECANGKIR KASIH, & SEKELUMIT CHENTA!!~



-: What Is A Friend Means To You? :-

on Thursday, February 25, 2010

F R I E N D ? ? ?

Some may responded by saying :

Friends are a part of me .well of course, I don't think I can ever survive without one. Sometimes they know me more than I do know myself and they will be the first one I'm looking for when any single thing happens to me.

Or maybe some go simpler by :

Seorang yang sentiasa di sisi ketika senang dan susah.

Or, rather having one definition, one may has many ways to describe a friend :

A friend is someone who understands me when I myself do not.
A friend is someone I can count on whenever and wherever I need them.

Kawan yang baik adalah yang selalu ingatkan aku dan marah aku bila aku tak betul.

Some also may goes by something more personal like :

Seseorang yang aku boleh percaya, boleh kongsi suka duka, sentiasa di sisi kalau aku memerlukan, tak kedekut ilmu...

Brotherhood. Love. Ukhuwah. Whatever you want to call it, it all comes to one thing, that everyone needs a companion. A brotherhood means the string of relationship that bound people together, that holds each other up, and not letting go anyone go by any chance.

If one string is flawed, the whole bind will be in a very unstable condition.

Just like an enormous chandelier, if one wire split, the whole thing will come crashing down, making a huge mess and, hey, what a loss is that, where there should be an expensive, beautiful light in the middle of the hall, but what's left was pieces of shattered glass.

I myself thought that a friend means that the one who holds me up when I'm down, not because I asked him to. A friend means the one that I can trust my life with. Oh, it should go both ways too.

So, if there's any entangled string anywhere, fix it up fast. You never know. Haha.


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