Aida Arisya In D' House

Aida Arisya In D' House
Pada Yang Esa kupohon... agar apa saja yang kubicara, tidak menjadi racun untuk sesiapa, tetapi penawar hati dan budi. Pada Mu Tuhanku... kupohon kekuatan agar jejariku mampu untuk menghulurkan sesuatu, yang akan menjadi halwa minda buat yang membaca bisikan hatiku. Berbicara setulus kata. Berkata dari hearty yg indah berbahasa..~ Kata-kata bukan dusta tp, patah-patah yg puitis ikhlas dari jiwa yg ada!! BlOg ini memberi peluang insan yg kerdil menuturkan bicara seketika selagi ada dayanya!!~ SEUKIR SAYANG, SECANGKIR KASIH, & SEKELUMIT CHENTA!!~




on Wednesday, November 11, 2009

There are several things in my mind now. i'll write it down one by one.

Yesterday night was a tough night for me. not really tough mybe. js like other days, ive been missing 'someone' so badly. and yeah, i really do. i have a dream bout this 'someone',*anyway, dat 'someone' is not a bf for sure.

Each time i think of this one dream, it brought tears. tears of sorrow. tears of hopes. and the bad part is when, i know my tears wont make any changes and cant make it come true.

But thank god there's someone for me to talk to when i feel down. and finally i managed to control my emo and i js love this one phrase, "GOD must have special plans for u in future". yeah, i feel much better. thanks, u know who u are. love ya :)

You know why, bcuz i dun need any special present or special things or wuteva special ppl wana do for me. i js want them to be by my side, listen to my stories and smile to me. and be my listener wheneva i feel sad, wipe my tears, and tell me dun worry my dear, everything gona be okay. i dun really need advises, i need u to be here when the whole world laugh at me. that's all.

And i must tell this, money cant buy happiness. u can be so happy spending money here and there but when u feel unhappy, takde satu duit dari negara mana sekalipun yg boleh beli ur happiness. anddd, sincerity is the BEST thing in life. um!

hmm, sometimes, we can be so good when try na help ppl. i mean in d sense of bagi pendapat, advises. we can come out wif so many things and make ppl feel so so so much better. its like we know how to handle life very well. but somehow, when that thing happen to us, kita akan jadi down. hilang arah and mula rasa teruk sgt. saya dah tgk benda ni jadi pada ramai orang and jadi pada saya jgk. but i know d reason, sbb kita manusia biasa. and we complete each other. and that's why kita perlukan other ppl dlm hidup kita. utk melengkapi apa yg kita takde.

setiap saat berlalu, only god knows how much i wish i'll never hurt those ppl i love. mum,dad,famly, my love sis, best frenz. cuz i dun really know whether i'm good enuf to get their loves or not. i'm scared that i dun deserve it. yeah wut if i dun deserve to get their loves and cares? now i feel like ive hurt so many ppl before, no matter it is directly or indirectly. is it so? if i really do, TELL ME! i'll let u slap me or do wuteva u wana do. but buat saya sedar akan kesilapan saya.

i dun wana hurt those i love. cuz i know how it feels when someone hurt u. u cant find any doctors for it. there's no cure for d pain. and all u can do, let time wash away d pain.

ya Allah, thanks for everything. i know ure duin ur best for me. and thanks for makin my life this way, sbb, kalau tidak saya takkan mampu berfikir matang mcm org lain. i believe in U, and only U.


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