Aida Arisya In D' House

Aida Arisya In D' House
Pada Yang Esa kupohon... agar apa saja yang kubicara, tidak menjadi racun untuk sesiapa, tetapi penawar hati dan budi. Pada Mu Tuhanku... kupohon kekuatan agar jejariku mampu untuk menghulurkan sesuatu, yang akan menjadi halwa minda buat yang membaca bisikan hatiku. Berbicara setulus kata. Berkata dari hearty yg indah berbahasa..~ Kata-kata bukan dusta tp, patah-patah yg puitis ikhlas dari jiwa yg ada!! BlOg ini memberi peluang insan yg kerdil menuturkan bicara seketika selagi ada dayanya!!~ SEUKIR SAYANG, SECANGKIR KASIH, & SEKELUMIT CHENTA!!~




on Tuesday, October 12, 2010


it is impossible to say that i dont have any problems in life.....if somoene said that, that means he/she is totally crazy.out of all things in life,when it comes to heart i always have problems.i would rather do tonnes of works given by the boss than thinking bout my heart probs.its not like i have a heart problem as in coronary disease ke ape,but this is a true feeling.sometimes, no, not sometimes most of the time mende ni cam susah skit 4 me to explain.i mean love is complicated isnt it????you can love someone but that person might not love u back...sedih gak:(but thats not my story)...4 me,if u wanna like somebody,with a great pleasure please do so but just keep it to urself.i know its hard to keep it from ur friends esp if ur friends r kinda type "omg,omg he's coming"u know yg slalu bwat kecoh.but its nice to have them around. esp if the person tht u like is always close to you...he might be ur classmates,college friends,coursemates r sesape je la rite.only god knows!!!.i have met many people here,all sorts of people,malaysians,foreigners,boys,girls,oldies,rich,poor n mcm 2 org with mcm perangai.we are all different but after all at the end we are human beings,so the ground issues will stay the same which is our hearts,our feelings or in an easy word love.....unconditional love requires sacrifices??is it true....i dont know.from my little exp in this life,first u need to love the only,ALLAH then rasul,after that comes ur parents and ur family..then after that can be ur friends or ur....i just leave it 4 u to ponder...because all of us will have different answers.


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