Aida Arisya In D' House

Aida Arisya In D' House
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~Perfect Friend~

on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recently one friend ask me,’Do you ever think that u’re a perfect friend?’
And I think the perfect answer is :’NO’
cz nobody is perfect.EASY~

But when I think more about it,I’m really not a good friend.
To a person who know me,I’m not a friend who REALLY care + know all the thing my friends did.YES,actually I dont really care if its a good thing but when its not,Im not happy either but its just I dont know how to express my opinion directly to them.For me friend is very general,when u say close/best friend,u usually share everything with them (erm..maybe not everything?).Casual friend is normally a friend u used to hang out with but ur level of trust towards them is lower than best buds.I do have few of best friend but I dont know in which categories I’m in for them.

But this is a true fact of friendship that me myself can agree, sometimes u need to be ‘fake’ with ur friend. Keep pretending that u know nothing and wait for them to tell u the truth that u already knew for lets say…1 year maybe…(tu bergantung pd situasi semasa jgk laa)

I have 1 policy that I held onto for a long time.’When your friend doesn’t tell you anything,that means they are not ready.If u’re an understanding friend,U just have to wait for a moment it came out of their mouth.’

So,for anybody who dont really know me, Im actually a person who shoot less or maybe ‘no’ question to my friend..If they want to share,they will but If they dont,its their right.U just need to respect them.Easy right?

Ok,thats it.I know this post sounds quite emotional right?I just want to show how emotional I am now :P


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